It's All About Cooking!

12 Week Cooking Classes

We will meet once a week for 1 hour each time to discuss and practice cooking skills and recipes.

We will start with a pantry clean up and a shopping trip to get your kitchen ready for Primal Cooking. 

  • I will create Primal recipes of the foods you like most and teach you how to cook them, starting from easy to hard technics, according to your cooking skills and desires.

  • At the end of the Sessions, I will provide you with an interactive menu calendar with suggestions for mix and matching the recipes we have worked on and new some new ones as well.

  • We will keep in touch via email to clear any questions while you are practicing your weekly cooking.

4 Week Cooking Coaching

We will meet once a week for a one hour session, in person or online to discuss Primal cooking

  • You are a good home cook but want to go Primal/Paleo/Keto.

  • We will work together to learn what foods are to be used in the Primal/Paleo/Keto world.

  • We will re-write your favorite recipes to become Primal/Paleo/Keto approved

I Cook For You &/or Your Event

I will cook Primal food for you

  • Let me know what foods you like

  • Let me know how many people I will be cooking for

  • I will present a menu

  • Let me know if you want me to cook at your place, deliver the food ready be cooked or ready to eat

  • I will deliver your best Primal food according to what was pre-established. 


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